Monday, 12 November 2012

Views and News!

 Just to let you see whats just up the road from the shop......Hungerford Common, the most beautiful place, which looks an absolute picture at the moment with all the autumn colours, this was sunrise on Sunday morning...a heavy frost and slight mist hovering........It is the Shop Dogs favourite walk...truffling through the fallen leaves for lovely sniffs!!!
 And LOOK at we can do now....( its been a long time sorting this out, I mean how difficult can it be??)..we can send our gorgeous flowers anywhere in mainland day delivery Tuesday to Friday, give us a ring if you want details or just pop in and we will sort it out for you...Hurrah!!

 a suitcase full of the first Jasmine of the season...delicious...and also the first hyacinth bulbs.....can it really be??

 buy in the pot or let us arrange them in a vintage container for you, this is a 1930's oval planter, white hyacinths and of course moss...we love it....the old whisky jars ( was that a song?) are left over from a wedding we did in the summer and we have just a few left...a bargain at £5 each and don't you think they would make a great stocking filler for the chaps??....add whisky of course!

 ......lastly, we are stockists of St Eval candles all handmade in Cornwall, we have stocked St Eval since the day we opened and they are a firm favorite, beautifully scented, long lasting and a great present.....

.....presents.....stocking fillers...whats going on???     x


Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Oh - it must be Christmas! YES! What lovely photos and ideas and great news that you can now post your fabulous creations. Hungerford Common is beautiful, and that dog is so cute! x

Francesca Muir said...

Beautiful blog - so glad I found you! Have a lovely day. F

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