Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The 'C' word

I know it's a tad early...However I know how excited you all get about our Christmas (there I said it!) wreath course, so we are offering two dates this year.

Do you fancy making your door wreath? or a fabulous floral table wreath?
We will give you a tutorial on both and you can decide which you would like to have a go at. 

We hope you are able to join us and surround yourself with floral beauty & lots of festive cheer!

If you are interested please feel free to phone us on; 01488 681062
email us on; martinandthemagpie@hotmail.co.uk
or comment on here and we will get in touch

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The days go by.......

 (baby pumpkins and vintage finds)
 (Dried leaf wreath..what a tongue twister!!)
(gorgeous rich autumn colours)
 (last blooms of summer from the garden)
(what more sunflowers!!)

.......so fast and we have been very lapse on the blogging front......facebook and instagram are taking over!!!...do follow us on both if you can, you will get a daily heads up on whats occuring in our floral and gardening lives.......
needless to say we are surrounded by the beauty of autumn..glorious colours of flowers.....stunning berries and foliage's not to mention our home grown pumpkins......
in the garden we are planting and sowing like mad things for next year..already rannunculus and anemones are in....seedlings of stocks and larkspur, cornflowers and scabious are waving their little leaves at us....the foxgloves, hollyhocks and delphiniums we planted this year for next years flowering are good strong plants now and we have our finger crossed they survive the winter.

Our heads are now turning to winter......our stock for Christmas is ordered..we are already wiring cinnamon and oranges for our wreaths in an attempt not to run out, which we did last year..we are wondering if anyone out there wants to attend a Christmas wreath making course?? .....
But first we have Halloween.....a window display to design......our 3rd Birthday!!.....a new website...........the list goes on....x
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