Monday, 28 March 2011

Mothers Love

We have lots of lovely ideas for Mothers Day on Sunday April 3rd.

 Plants of all shapes and colours....vintage containers beautifully planted with spring bulbs...elegant orchids....blowzy hydrangeas....

 Our gorgeous range of the fabulous St Eval scented candles in the most beautiful packaging and hand made in Cornwall....
also some pretty necklaces from our very own Vintage Magpie ...of course!!!!...its spring, spring, spring all the way...bouquets of every size  individually made just for you.

we also have lots of lovely vintage items new in this week.
So there really is something for every one, pop in and take a look.
We are open Tuesday until Saturday from 9-5
and Mothering Sunday only 9-12.30
Call 01488 681062 to place an order

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tollys' Magic

Martin brought a rather unpromising bunch of twigs from the market last week.......the bunch was large...we saw the twigs before the man.
Sharp garden implements were needed to cut them into a suitable size for the largest container in the shop.
They have caused some excitement here.
The ugly ducklings have  become swans, large waxy blooms of Magnolia, pure bliss.

(Tollys' magic comes from the book Children of Green Knowle by Lucy Boston..his grandmother brings bare twigs in at winter to force them into bloom....clever lady!!)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wreath Love

Martin & the Magpie loves all shapes & sizes...all colours & flower combinations.

This week it is a rainbow of colour....a spring palette....

...& an utter delight......J'adore Spring!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

mellow yellow

 we just can't get enough of the gorgeous Cornish paper white narcissus at the moment..teamed up with fluffy  french mimosa and dutch parrot tulips...we have a European bouquet!!!

Beautiful pale apricot roses took our breath away...............

on  a freezing cold Saturday it has been discussions on Mothers Day...what colours....which flowers....bouquet styles.....tissue colours....we may step away from the traditional pink....
but after a while it was all a blur.....

they say there may be sun tomorrow....fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I know its random but....

 ..I know we sell flowers but this week we are selling  a dog kennel....Martin looked at my display and raised his eyes to the heavens...yes it may be random...I prefer the word 'quirky'....a french des res for your small ( read tiny) has  a key but no lock..well actually it has no door.....but hey.....last week we sold decorative wicker eggs as duck that is random!!!!

..the traditionalists amongst you will be pleased to note we also have flowers...x
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