Saturday, 28 May 2011

Secret dream

When I was a kid I used to love playing with my lego. Building things like cars, trucks and houses. Especially the housebuilding I enjoyed, incorporating secret passages, hidden doors, walls that would slide aside when you would push a brick (obviously that would happen in my head - in real life I would pick up the wall, let the lego people walk through and put the wall back in place).
I probably got intrigued by all these hidden passages and secret rooms by reading the books of the Famous Five by Enid Blyton (and the story of Anne Frank).

Nowadays I can't help myself when I walk into a room with wooden panelling. I have to knock on the panels to try and see if any of them sounds different; if any of them will slide away and uncover a secret.

We recently moved into a new house where downstairs the room is basically divided in two levels. At the back it's a step up so to speak. Yes, I have tried to find a hidden basement...

One of my aims in life is to get a reasonable sized house with a reasonable sized garden. In the house I want to have a library with all my books, where I can have a chess table and where I secretly can retire and drink a glass of whisky. Obviously the room will be hidden from plain sight...

So if you will ever visit us when we've got that house and you can't find me...look for the wooden panelling!

And how about this in the garden?

What intrigued you in your childhood and has stayed with you your whole life?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Who arrived in Hungerford in the middle of the night?

May 24th, 2011 - 2.03 AM

The sound of a ringing phone rudely awakens a Dutchman and his Magpie in Hungerford.
-'Hello?......Yes I was asleep.... Ok... At the shop in 10 minutes?... See you there...'
Although they were still half asleep and couldn't stop yawning, they managed to quickly put some clothes on, go downstairs and walk out of the door.

When they arrived at the shop they noticed the very large vehicle parked outside.
As they approached the verhicle two gentlemen came out, greeted them with big smiles.
They walked around the side of the vehicle and one of the men pressed a button. Suddenly a dbig door opened wide open and steps unfolded onto the pavement. One of the men walked up the stairs and invited the couple in. Curious as always the Dutchman and his wife didn't waste a second and followed the man.

The light inside the vehicle was quite bright compared to the night sky, so they took a moment to let there eyes adjust.
One of the men pointed to their right. They turned their heads and then they spotted her.. ...Tall, skinny and blond.

Her name was Norma Jean.

Although she was stood shy in a corner a couple of feet away from them, they could still smell her perfume.

They Dutchman and his wife were sold, embraced her, walked her out of the vehicle, took her to the shop, let her in and made sure that she was well looked after.
After they said goodbye to the men, they went home and got back to sleep.

Later, at 9.00AM, when they opened up the shop, she was still there, happy and healthy and ready to be shown to the world.

So may we please present to you:
Norma Jean, a gorgeously scented new variety of Rose!

Isn't she gorgeous???

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sconces... not scones

We like all things quirky. The definition of quirky in our dictionary is: interesting.
We like all things interesting. It makes life so much more enjoyable!
We like to intrigue our customers; make them wonder what we'll have in the shop this week...
We've had a hat stand, a dog house and now we have Victorian candle sconces... not scones (we've had them for breakfast)!

I don't know... what'll be next??? An old school desk?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Course Date

Our new course is online!

Do you fancy a fun night out with a nice glass of wine? Our Wonderful Dutchman Martin will be teaching you how to do a vase arrangement with aluminium wire on Thursday evening 26th of May.

We only have a limited amount of places so be quick!
For more information click here!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

on trend

What can we say....this months Period Living Magazine Scouts must have been in the shop!!!!

 Plants in pudding bowls.....pretty white jelly moulds and vintage blue mason jars...

...hemp sack cushions and  original vintage  art...we are so on trend!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and you managed to dodge the showers.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

this green and pleasant land..

Perfect weather for walking in the countryside this bank holiday weekend...bluebell woods....avenues of azeleas...a feast for the senses. We just can't stay away from these flowers!
Hope you are having a lovely time.
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