Friday, 30 November 2012

photos what photos!!

Ok we are officially useless....
Sunday saw the last Martin and The Magpie Course for lovely ladies dropped in on a Sunday morning when they could have been having  a lie in and got seriously stuck into spruce....ivy...berries.....all manor of dried fruit and spices...drank coffee and ate cake and had a laugh...and as per usual we didn't photograph it......for goodness sake.

Thankfully one of our course regulars did and if you pop over to Georgies blog (here) you can see the mess we all made!!!! and some of the divine floral artistry that was on guys always amaze us with your creativity....thank you!!!


in an effort to get to it on our photography....we are exposing ourselves ( in the best possible taste!) to ridicule by taking part in this the hope that we can manage to take 25 consecutive photos up to Christmas....


Hopefully it will give you an insight into the shop and work we do up to 25/12/12...or it may just be random images of our lunch and half empty wine this space!!

If you fancy keeping us company and having a go this is the link.

In the shop today we changed the window...slightly Christmassy but we are saving the proper Xmas window for the Extravaganza night competition......don't tell anyone but we don't have a clue yet.....moved everything around AGAIN.......had another massive delivery of spruce and holly........we have been happy ...we have been angsty......the blue eyed boy had lunch with us....we made bouquets.....made a vignette in a lantern? ((see tomorrows post).....had the awning repaired ( it twisted in last weeks storms).......generally recovered from a freezing night out at the Queens Arms Charity Christmas of us mused a lot as to whether seeing two barn owls at 7 am this morning was a good or bad omen.......another wondered whether to shave off the moustache that has been growing throughout (M)November.....just another day then....xx


Georgie Steeds said...

Thanks for the link!! but now I can tell you that I was lucky to have any photos at all....having taken about 10 I then realised that I wasn't pressing the button hard photos Duhhhh.

So these were taken at the end, I was hoping for a more varied lot!! Thanks again for a lovely morning.
Georgie xx

Nella said...

I went to Georgie's link....looked like great fun! I love taking classes, of most anything!., The comraderie and generally fun atmosphere works for me!! Always love your visits and kind comments, N.xo

flowers on my table said...

Sorry I went to visit Georgie, and forgot to comment on your blog. The class looked like great fun. It is hard to remember to photograph things when you are in the midst of it!Love Linda x

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