Thursday, 22 November 2012

tropical versus traditional

Martins new of the triffids or what??

Lots of assorted loveliness for your Christmas decorating....really, I can't believe I am saying this, surely it was only just September?
However today we were asked for a Christmas tree so it must be.

A few of the colour combinations for today's mass of bouquets.

This weekend sees our one and only wreath making course,  we are tripping over bags of foliage, berries and spruce, and need to tidy the shop up big time, but all will be well because Martin is possibly baking a cake.

Also we are attending The Christmas Market at The Queens Arms Hotel on Thursday 29th November from 7pm-9pm, we would love it if you called in and say hello, we will have lots of goodies for sale and also taking Christmas orders. Click on link for more info.


lemonade kitty said...

Thank you very much for posting me the Victorian Lady so quickly, she'll look lovely in my Christmas display. Lucey x

flowers on my table said...

Hello all, it sounds very busy over there. Good luck with the Christmas market, and the wreath course. Your new header is lovely, and those little shoes are adorable. Love Linda x
p.s. many thanks for your recent visit!

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