Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Don't you think our shop looks pretty? Sparkling away in the gorgeous sun filled days we have been having....we have been lucky not to have had the April Showers that are always promised....

Martin & the Magpie has been re-stocked with lovely vintage furniture after Mothers Day...we are ready for glorious summer to start! Do you have the garden ready? are your seeds planted? allotments tended to?

We have a lovely mix of painted furniture...these fantastic tables in turquoise our my favourite right now... we have 2. They would look great as bedside tables...or in the bathroom to hold the essentials...his & hers....oh the divine luxury of it!! If you stunning people of Berkshire don't want them...Me and Martin might have to have them for our new house....we move in soon...our first house, all the rest have been flats....we cant wait to have a front door and a garden...yay!

That is the downside of surrounding yourself with fabulous items...you end up wanting them all....sigh....
This urn would look great in our little garden...or in one of the fireplaces.
Oh dear time to hide the credit card!!
Pop in ... we also have flowers!!

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deangraziosi said...

So beautiful and so charming flowers you had used to make a title blog.
dean graziosi

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