Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Royal Window

I wont tell a lie...all of us here at Martin & the Magpie are hugely excited about the Royal Wedding
The dress ( we are hoping for soft, romantic and floaty. Vintage inspired with lace! ), the flowers, the guests....

Our window is decorated in glorious fashion...the Union Jack having pride of place over a Dress made by Vintage Magpie.....a crystal chandelier....bunting.....cake toppers, and a Royal wedding Bouquet by Vintage Magpie

...oh and a giant postage stamp with a stylized Queenie!

A Wedding bouquet with a Royal twist

A Simple message just in case she walks past our shop again!!

The view from inside our shop....a bustle of silk!

The royal ribbon came out....a fantastic vintage is one of my favorite things I have found..the colours are as fresh as the day they were printed

The shop is stocked with Red, White and Blue....we are watching the celebrations together...with bubbles and flags!!
We hope you all enjoy the extra day off even if you don't watch the Wedding!!

1 comment:

George's Mum said...

Wow! I saw the photo on Miss Pickerings blog but these photos of the details are lovely. That ribbon is an amazing find and the bouquet is incredible!!

Your cakes are gorgeous as well. Love the whole lot.

Thank you for your comments about my chocolate cake! Anna x

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