Monday, 5 August 2013

Top Tip

Image via Pinterest

Part of the joy of being a florist, is constantly smelling of eucalyptus...It is a regular visitor to our shop adorning many a bouquet! However it often only really bought and asked for at christmas...the silver/grey  foliage works so well for that frosty look, and it will scent your house beautifully.

However recently I saw this Pin on Pinterest...and I do not know why I had never thought of it before? 
Really simple...hang from your shower rail, out of the water stream and the steam will do its work! 

The benefits of Eucalyptus are great!
~Mood enhancer
~Mental Clarity

The last one is obviously the most important to this sleep deprived Mama of a toddler!!

The added bonus is that it will look pretty too! 

Happy Days :)

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