Saturday, 10 August 2013

Harvest Festival

When we took on this massive walled garden of ours, we knew that it was originally the kitchen garden for the 'Big House' on the estate. However we didnt realise in the bleak midwinter when we saw it, just how much it is still producing. Bearing in mind the land has had no-one working on it for 8 years. Mother nature still amazes us. We have started to harvest the small amount of veg we have, however it seem this earth is good to the humble fruit n veg.... 


One whole wall once had trained fruit trees...however they have broken out of their restrictive wires and have been allowed to create mayhem... they are amazingly full of fruit, each tree seems to be a different variety of pear. The 'Big House' must have loved Pears!!


This building would have been the hot fruit has the most amazing grape vine going through it...the acid green is neon at the moment. The fig trees grow 3 foot through the plastic roof, tantalizing us with is huge fruit, which we will be unable to reach to pick. 


There are blackberries, a whole coffee cup here...craving apple and blackberry crumble anyone?


Our little onion patch turned out to produce 91 white onions and 116 red long do you think they will last us? Stunned by the amount is an understatement.

The youngest member of the team, eats more than he picks...he had peas from the pod today...they were a huge hit. These stringless beans are tastier cooked however, but the teething toddler disagrees.


Mazie, can you see their tufty heads peeking through? Martin doesn't like it...hahaha more for us then :)


Our lazy tomatoes, and the colour pop of marigolds in the petit polytunnels


Talking of colour...look at these red beauties! They are perfect for mash.


I think Christmas presents will be pretty predictable this year
Red onion marmalade? Yummy.

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