Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The start of Autumn

Sorry, I don't want to upset anyone, but next week we're in September.
Summer is slowly leaving us, the schools start again and our lovely summer flowers are coming to an end..

A little trip to Covent Garden Market made me embrace the rainy, drooly weather. We won't moan about the weather this year Mr Autumn (Well.. we'll try not to...), but thank you for all the joy you bring with the lovely berries, rosehips and all the gorgeous warm colours of this season!

So in the shop this week you will see some hints of Autumn...

Gorgeous Malus branches, Angelica, Rosehips...

Stunning patio roses

Oh go on then... Can't resist divine Lavender!

Sweet Diadeem spray roses

I love this variety of Oak! The acorns are so cute!

And how sweet are these small Phalaenopsis orchids????

Yay for Autumn!

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