Friday, 22 July 2011

Feels like Christmas

Another school year has ended.
Kiddiewinkles are rushing with their parents to the shops to get the perfect 'Thank you' present for their beloved teachers.
Mums and Dads are happy it's the holidays again. From December onwards they have been treating the family, their other halves on Valentinesday, Mothersday and Fathersday, they've been spoiling the children with Christmas, fed them Easter eggs, hot cross buns and pancakes on Pancake Day.
Work has been stressful, they've had to hit their targets, reach their deadlines, please their bosses... They have been doing everything to please or treat somebody else. They've had no time to think about themselves, no time to sit back and relax, no time to think 'What about me?'.

So I would like to ask you, Mums and Dads, Husbands and Wifes, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Fiancé and Fiancée, lovers, partners, boys and girls and everybody I have forgotten....

Have you treated yourself lately?

How about a lovely vintage jug with gorgeous Dahlias? Or how about an old fashioned typewriter to bring back good memories or to look great on that fabulous antique desk you have in the study?

Or have a tea party in the garden with your friends and/or family and decorate the table with these sweet African violets. Or just put them on your side table and enjoy their cuteness!

Get or make a lovely wreath to put on your door and celebrate summer!!!

Because summer is made for relaxing, drinking Pimms in the backyard, having a gin & tonic on the barge, enjoying long walks along the canal, knackering yourself out while cycling up the hills and enjoying the view and sceneries before diving in the pool to cool down, lighting the BBQ and indulge on good food, get your fingers stuck in the garden and smell those gorgeous garden roses, picking your own strawberries, going to the seaside and taste the salt on your lips, playing with flowers or just get the sun lounge out and read a good book!

Happy sunshine-enjoying-days!!!

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