Saturday, 18 June 2011

Independents' Day

One of the things I love about Hungerford is that the shops are mostly owned by independent retailers.
The town has an individuality, the High Street doesn't look the same as any other high street in the country and the people here appreciate that.
Local independent shops give a town it's charm; make it stand out from other towns.
Nowadays most of the high streets in various towns look alike. You'll find the same bookshop, the same music store, the same restaurant, the same clothes shop, etcetera, in most of the towns and cities in Britian. The little independent retailer is seen as expensive and inconvenient.

But why? I know I'd rather go to an independent retailer because he/she gives me quality rather than quantity. I like the fact that I know the shopkeeper and/or staff and that they know me. Ever noticed the big turnover in staff in the well known shops? A new face every week seems to be their motto..
I like the customer service in a local shop; being treated like a human being and not just another number.
I love exploring a town with lot of local independent retailers; to try and find that little gem hidden away in a little alleyway. Really enjoy a day out, buy too many nice things than you could actually afford. But hey, at least you support the local economy and the people in that town benefit from it, instead of a Swiss bank account from a already-too-rich-corporate-so-and-so...

Come and celebrate and support the diversity in your local high street. Buy local on the 4th of July!!!

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Kay said...

well said martin!!.xx

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