Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wedding's, Glorious Weddings

Here at Martin & the Magpie, we so proud of our wedding work...we take a huge amount of time and effort making sure your day is perfect and how you envisioned it. We think seasonal and top quality flowers will always shine on your day. As we have our own Dutchman, he makes sure we get only the best flowers from Holland...we also love to use British flowers where ever possible, mainly in the run up to Spring & Summer...English Daffodils, Scented Garden roses, stocks, peony, tulips, sweetpea's and Dahlias...sweet smelling and perfect for a wedding.

Martin & the Magpie understand that you don't need a huge amount of flowers to make stunning display, sometimes the simplest ideas work the best to show case the flowers. A new a lovely trend is to personalise your wedding with vintage book, jam jars, balloons, birdcages & large candelabras. We are seeing more growing table centers of Herbs, trailing jasmine and ivy, and the super trendy succulents.

Re-used jam jars or vintage bottles are a firm favorite.....Vintage teacups & teapots..... mason jars....

...Jelly moulds, kitchen storage jars....the sky is the limit!

If you would like to have a chat about your wedding we are more than happy to discuss ideas and flowers with you. Just give us a ring on 01488 681062

We look forward to hearing all about your day!

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