Thursday, 17 February 2011

Valentine's Madness

This was just a few of our roses for the madness that was Valentine's Day....Monday is not the best day for the most romantic day of the year. For us it stretched over 3 days, which made us very unromantic!!

We decided to mix up our colours and not to stick with red.....and it was a huge hit!

Our happy colourful spring bouquets where the stars of the show....a beautiful alternative to the traditional red roses.

 The lovely parrot tulips came wrapped in this fun paper.....I love the cheese, so did the Wonderful  Dutchman!! He misses his Dutch cheese A.L.O.T!

Ma Magpie creating a gorgeous Rose bouquet....the men of Hungerford went for 12 roses rather than 6...the old romantics!

The Wonderful Dutchman still thinking about cheese....look at that smile.....or maybe it just the fact that there are men to talk to in the shop!

Hot pink and orange...clashing colours....there is quite a few ladies of Hungerford rocking this look this Valentines Day and my personal favourite!

I hope your day was filled with swoon~ful kisses, gorgeous bouquets of flowers and delicious delights.


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