Monday, 22 July 2013

Evening Heat


Well it is safe to say that the Summer is might only last two weeks so we are soaking it all up! The heat in the Walled garden is immense...not a smidge of shade to be found. The sweetpeas are finally flowering, and we now are stocking them in the shop...the dream is finally becoming a reality and we couldn't be more thrilled.


Our plant sales man for the shop kindly gave us some of his New Zealand spinach...perfect eaten right off the plant and such firm leaves...he has 30 acres.... and we thought 2 was hard work!
The first courgette was harvested and roasted...the smallest member of M&TM devoured it in surprising speed, so has the official seal of approval.


Evening gardening is the only way in this heat. however this energy zapping sun has us watering and weeding in record speed...and we harvest in the cool of the morning. 

Fresh for the shop today is clary sage, ammi, cornflowers, mixed ageratum and sweetpeas! Why don't you pop in and treat yourselves to a bunch. You can be safe in the knowledge that they are the freshest, most locally sourced and grown flowers around.


The drive home is glorious...the golden wheat fields and ripening oilseed rape fields remind me of my childhood...and the warm air blowing in our faces is very welcome after the gardens heat.

We are so proud that our dream is blooming into something so exciting...the hard work is paying all we need is a cover for our rather mahoosive polytunnel and we can get working on next years master plan!


The Reed Warbler said...

Lovely a good picture of that wonderful summer feeling!Anita x

Anonymous said...

Your progress is remarkable and so impressive! I LOVE seeing the pics. Keep up the good work - at least there's meant to be rain this week! Jude x

Martin & the Magpie said...

ohh Jude rain? how delicious...might get the night off from watering :)

Thank you the reed warbler...we are loving that hazy hot evening shimmer in the photos right now!

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Wonderful! And I also really loved your shop front display of the tree and dried flowers recently. Will post about it on our blog v soon. Enjoy summer. x

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