Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Veggie Wedded Bliss

Well I think by now you know us a photo of bundles of veg should not surprise you!
We do quirky so well. 

Add in some glorious blown english peonies in the softest blush pink.

Bombastic spray rose, which were so heavy with blooms. Hedgerow blackberries, phlox, wheat, poppy seed heads, hydrangea, scented roses, herbs, astilbe, love in a mist and you have made a Bride's dream come true!
A Farmers Paradise in vintage terracotta pots

Different sizes, shapes and flowers....

A touch of seasonal veg....

The wheat was all important, and to say our hearts stopped when we got an email from our supplier to say it didn't pass 'quality control', is a very huge understatement!! thankfully it was only one batch...the others were beautiful...with the softest purple touch, which was perfect.

We love the surprise element of the vegetables...they worked so well, and fitted in perfectly with the Farmers theme.

Just look at those beauties....Why does peony season have to be so short? 


flowers on my table said...

It is just wonderful, I am sure it was a great talking point at the wedding also. The Peony is a stunner! Much love, Linda x

FrognerFrua said...

I found Martin on Instagram and I just love your stuff! I got married last year in a dress from 1935, the bouquet was Large, and all green, with the same green black berries you use here. I asked the florist to make it look like I just grabbed a bunch of green flowers from a field, it was stunning - and perfect.

I really wanted to make my own bouquet as I did all my other flowers on my own but I strongly recommend everyone to get some help as the day before the wedding is just sooo busy and its hard to find the time! I would definitely use Martin if I lived nearby!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, it really makes me smile <3

All the best,
Tessi in Sunny but cold Norway

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