Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The green door opens

And so it begins!

Martin & the Magpie Home Grown

Our walled garden to grow flowers for you.....
Seasonal.... English....Local....
We have a list as long as our six arms put together!!
BUT tell us what you'd like us to grow???


lemonade kitty said...

A few packets of wild flower seeds and you can't go wrong, lol, lucey x

Alicia Billyeald said...

Will you be selling to other florists? I am finding it so hard to source british flowers, and that's what all the brides want! I have got my own established cutting garden but need more.
Looking forward to watching your progress!

Here are my fav's:
Foxgloves, Sweet Peas, glorious scented Roses, Astrantia (can you do something about their smell? ;) Nigella, Lady's mantle, Ammi, Hydrangeas, Herbs and unusual foliages.

Alicia Billyeald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martin & the Magpie said...

Hi Alicia...thanks for your lovely comment and your plight with english flowers is the reason we are going down this flower filled path...we hope to sell to other florists when we are up and running...all your list is also on ours and then some!!
Keep looking in here to see how we are doing..
xxx Kay

BareBlooms said...

Wow, so envious of that space, and it being walled, it will have its own little micro climate. I also run The British Flower Collective (http://thebritishflowercollective.com/) and we have a rapidly growing number of members who would have lots of tips on growing your own. At least one member has a walled garden. Always happy to help out with advice and promotion for #Britishflowers. Chloe x

flowers on my table said...

Oh wow Kay, how very exciting, and a walled garden to boot! Wonderful, I wish you every success with it. Looks like there are plenty of people to give you good advice.
I think it is a wonderful thing to be able to offer seasonal flowers to your customers and to be saving on airmiles as well.
Many thanks for your visit, in flowers, all colours are wonderful, and in nature, as you say, anything goes! Yes I know what you mean about the 70's, I cannot get excited about retro 70's things. Love Linda x

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