Thursday, 21 February 2013


...there is always something us anyway...
today yellow hellebore
what do you think?

 ..also an old favourite...primula gold lace
big chunky plants with the feel of an auricular

 ...also en masse..the best way with tulips..

it has been so cold today.....tonight there are anemones in the kitchen in an attempt to make them show their petals for tomorrow...


flowers on my table said...

Hello Martin and Kay,
thank you for your recent comments. I love the yellow Helebores, I love all Helebores!It's looking very spring- likeover here! Love Linda x

Marianne Cook said...

Three of me favourite flowers - especially the gold lace primulas! And aren't the anemones good this year. They seem to be more plentiful, and lasting longer in the vase. I have the blue ones with white narcissi stars at the moment. The combination is beautiful.

Martin & the Magpie said...

Hi Linda...its spring in the shop but so grey outside...have a lovely week..xx

Hi Marianne...we agree the anemones have been fab...we have also had the divine English ones from Cornwall...tiny exquiste bunches of them wrapped with tissue have just flow out of the much better than the early rannunculus which are quite poor this year...or so we have found...thanks for stopping by and having a chat...xx

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