Monday, 5 December 2011

the weird and the wacky!!

 Our little shop is sometimes a little quirky...we like the different....the unusual...the one off...sometimes people come in and can't quite make up their minds as to what exactly we are....sometimes you either get it or you don't.

I am experimenting as to whether poinsettias work as a cut flower, lets face it they are so damned temperamental, a puff of a breeze and they 
1) keel over
2) break their stems
3) shrivel up if slightly cold
Watch this space.

gorgeous turquoise pottery, plus our best sellers at the moment, hurrah for hyacinths!!!

 a new member of the team...we love him with his long eyelashes and curly mane, i expect he'll gallop off soon.

photographing our window is never a will have to come and see it for includes a french angel, an Irish dolls house...a vintage sledge.....a pair of american children's winter white boots, a covering of moss and some twigs, it is our attempt at winning the 'best dressed window' competition on Victorian Extravaganza night this friday...keep your fingers crossed.

finally a rusty metal  urn with a rusty painted horse....and a cyclamen just to show we do sell plants sometimes!!

1 comment:

lemonade kitty said...

I always think Florist's shop's are the best stores to visit because as well as selling flowers they always stock the most amazing accessories and yours is no exception. I bet your window wins first prize, Lucey x

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